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How To Fight Temptation

You ate some chips and dip, and had a couple drinks at happy hour. You hit that snooze button on your alarm, rather than going to the gym in the morning. These are temptations we sometimes give into, and they come at us every single day.

But if you are on your path to being your best you, then you have to learn to fight temptation. Your journey to better health; whether it’s weight loss, a competition, or simply cleaning up your diet will be filled with temptation. Do not let those temptations take control and become roadblocks for you.

Remember that successful people do what others are unwilling to do. I chose success when it came to my health , and here are some things I do to help fight off temptation along the way:

· Prep all of your food for the day the night before. This way you have no other options but healthy food.

· Pack a toothbrush. Brushing your teeth and having a clean mouth will help keep you from eating between meals.

· Drink lots of water. A gallon a day (yes, I said a gallon!) will help keep you full and satisfied.

· Always grab for extra veggies when you have a craving. My favorite veggie snack is sliced cucumbers with cinnamon and stevia sprinkled on top.

· Create an image board of your ideal lifestyle. Put pictures of people you look up to, bodies you like, words that motivate you, and stories that inspire you. Have this image board somewhere where you’ll see it a lot. When you feel weak, look at the image board and know that you have goals and dreams that you ARE going to obtain. It is 100 percent up to you to make them happen. That image board will serve as your inspiration for when temptation.

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