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Canvas Rebel Interview

EMILY, looking forward to hearing all of your stories today. Was there a defining moment in your professional career? A moment that changed the trajectory of your career?

This question is easy to answer because there is one huge defining moment in my life that changed me forever. That was the day that a very highly regarded medical professional told me that I was probably going to die of a heart attack before age of. I walked out of that office and fired all my medical doctors I had been working with for years. I had spent countless hours in their offices in hos of healing my Graves’ Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chron’s, IBS, Celiac and every other label they stuck on me. I became sick and tired of being sick and tired. In that moment I realized I needed to stop looking outside of myself for answers.

After 7 long years of pills, scans, blood draws and disappointing diagnosis I hired the best health educator I could; I hired myself. This is when my journey towards healing began! This is what eventually led me to win my status as a Professional Bodybuilding Competitor and heal my chronic illnesses naturally. I grew so passionate about paying it forward that I made helping others heal from the inside out what I do for a living.

As always, we appreciate you sharing your insights and we’ve got a few more questions for you, but before we get to all of that can you take a minute to introduce yourself and give our readers some of your background and context?

Now that you have heard of how I became an Online Health Coach & Personal Trainer, I will tell you how I do it a bit differently that you may think. I learned so much thru the hardest times I experienced with my health. What I found with every health & fitness professionals was that they had cut and paste methods; the one size fits all style. This is not the way I liked being treated and I vow to never treat anyone I work with this way. We are all very unique and special individuals and deserve to be treated as such. We are actually REQUIRE that especially as we are trying to overcome an obstacle with our health and fitness.

My clients will often say they feel like they are the only person I work with and that I am as invested in their health goals and personal dreams as they are. This makes me the happiest because that is exactly what I set out to do for people when I started Coaching in 2009.

I work primarily with people online thru I have clients from coast to coast in the US as well as outside of this country. I utilize a customized app, zoom calls and phone calls to communicate. I do work one-on-one in person with a select group of people and those that visit where I live. The best is when I get to meet an online client Face to face who has become a friend. It is incredibly rewarding to have that connection and deep trust with another person.

Many of the clients I started with in 2009 were Body Building Competitors, models and Athletes as I ran in those circles as a competitor and fitness model myself. But what I discovered was that there were not many coaches really diving deep into health issue such as gut health, thyroid disease, hormonal imbalances, inflammation and chronic illness. Frankly most of them had no clue even what to do with a Vegan competitor let alone one trying to overcome radiation poisoning or chronic pain. I quickly became the go to for these people.

I love and I mean I LOVE working with people that the sick care, I mean “health care” system has turned their back on and broken their oath to do no harm. I have been thru the ringer with misinformed drug pushers (MD’s) and I have seen and heard a lot that did not sit well with my soul. I feel so strongly that we are all uniquely powerful and can achieve not just any fitness goal that we have but we can also heal our bodies naturally.

Training and knowledge matter of course, but beyond that what do you think matters most in terms of succeeding in your field?

Meeting each person where they are at. I meet people where they are at. I do not care if someone comes to me as a nurse who is taking a dozen prescription medications, no gym membership, they grab fast food on the go due to working the night shift and have 4 kids to take care of at home. I can work with you at your pace, meet you where you are at and coach you towards the direction you desire to go in. That is a real-life example on a clients situation by the way. She and I took baby steps in order to get her to a better place every day.

Like I always say a freight train may take a while to get going but once it gains that momentum and is up to high speed there is not a lot that is going to stop it.

Not everyone starts off out the gate at high speed. People have unhealed trauma, complicated relationships, families to care for, stressful jobs, old belief systems, responsibilities outside of themselves, addictions, lack of knowledge, direction and motivation. These are ALL things that get in their way. This is why one size fits all actually fits no one. True success is had when everyone if being authentic, realistic and patient.

I love people and I will always enjoy learning about every person I work with. I feel this is what has made me stand out as well as remain successful.

If you could go back, would you choose the same profession, specialty, etc.?

Yes; I sure would. I would like to combine what I have done in the past with what I do now. I am actually certain that I will do this in the future. Before my Fitness & Health Business I worked with Autistic Children as a Behavior Therapist. Children, especially those on the Spectrum can benefit immensely from nutrition, fitness, cleansing and detoxing. To be able to educate families about helping their special needs children live the best lives possible would be a great addition to the services that I provide right now.

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