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Why Should You Go Gluten Free Today?

Before I tell you why I think that going gluten free will change your life forever I want to let you know what gluten is. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley, burghul, kamut, triticale, and spelt, etc. Gluten is added to many food products such as cakes, cookies, cereals, pizza, breads, and so on in order to keep them from falling apart. Gluten is essentially a binding agent. Gluten is often used as a filler as well as a thickener for foods so you can find gluten hiding in countless processed food times such as soups, processed meat, many deserts, even your favorite chocolates, sauces, and several other food items that may be in your kitchen right now!

Gluten may be causing a host of problems internally that you may not even realize. Most of us have heard of Celiac; when someone is diagnosed with gluten intolerance and had to eliminate it completely from their diet. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as women with infertility issues are warned that gluten is their #1 enemy. Gluten is considered a very common allergen so what makes you think that it not affects you even if you have not been diagnosed?

Let’s talk about what gluten does to your body. It weakens the villi in your intestinal wall. Then in turn you are not able to absorb nutrients the way that you are supposed to. This then leads to vitamin deficiency & a whole host of other issues. Each any every one of us is affected by gluten whether you think that you feel the direct effects or not. Some people are more sensitive than others. But just because you have not been diagnosed by a medical doctor does not mean that you cannot live a healthier & happier life with the 100% elimination of gluten. Listen to your body! Here are just a few of the many side effects of gluten.

Do you suffer from any of these?

*Bloated stomach

*Stomach pain & cramping after eating


*Irritable bowel syndrome

*Insatiable cravings; particularly for sweets


*Inflammation of the skin: eczema, acne, etc

*Extreme exhaustion

*Brain fog, trouble with your memory


*Moody and/or depressed

*Vitamin deficiencies


*Various autoimmune disorders such as Crohn’s & Grave’s

*Joint pain & muscle aches

If you can relate to this list at all you will want to look at making a change NOW and the Eat Clean To Stay Lean Program & Recipe book will help you with that. I made all of the recipes on my program gluten free!

Why did I decide to do this? I know from personal experience that there is no exaggeration in saying that the pain that gluten can bring to your life is a pain like no other!

My Story:

At the time that I suffered with Grave’s Disease I was diagnosed with a host of other issues that included: fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and so on. I really began to feel that throughout my struggles to find a cure for my issues all I was finding was labels given to me by doctors. I did not want their labels or their toxic medication; I wanted answers and a cure once & for all! So, I took control of my situation and my disease & did my own research.

I was sick after every single meal, all my test results showed that I was not absorbing any vitamins; I was left deficient in almost everything even after spending hundreds on high quality supplements. I had headaches, severe stomach pain, diarrhea that was so bad I always had to be aware of where the closet rest room was. I had white bumps on my face & back of my legs similar to acne yet still a bit different. The extreme exhaustion was what did me in. I just could not take it anymore!

One of the things that I did along my journey to heal my body from Grave’s Disease was to get my diet in check and cut out all allergens. Gluten was the first thing to go. I saw results immediately! People often say that cutting out gluten must be torturous & so difficult. I say no way; not even close! It was such a night and day difference it how I felt that there was no way I could go back. As soon as I would slip and have gluten my body would fight back. After cutting out gluten I felt so enlightened. It was a huge health hurdle to get over for me and I am so thankful I figured that one out!

Being gluten free is easier today than ever before. In 2004 a law was passed that all food must be clearly labeled if it has one of the 8 major allergens; gluten being one of them. Also; since being gluten free is so popular now companies are producing more & more gluten free food items and you better believe they are proud to yell it from the roof tops! Many groceries stores have entire gluten free aisles where you can find all your favorites sans the gluten; cereal, pasta, bread, brownies, pizza, etc.

Save your body the pain and agony of the internal war it wages on you every time that you put gluten in your body. Take steps today to make you and your families lives better by joining the gluten free movement! What is the worst thing that can happen:

Lose weight

No more tummy bloat

Increase your vitamins absorption

Clearer skin

Sharper thinking

Sky rocketing energy


Feel all together better for good

Sounds good to me. Let’s get you started with your free consultation today!

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