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Lifestyle Tips To Keep Healthy & Happy

Once you reach your fitness and health goals, you’ll want to maintain what you have worked so hard for. You want to live a lifestyle that supports the mind, body and soul that is your best you!

Here’s 12 tips to help make your wellness more than just a passing fad, but part of your lifestyle:

1. If you can walk or bike somewhere, choose this over driving.

2. Always order your dressing on the side or get fresh salsa or horse radish to flavor your salad or main dish.

3. Before attending an event where you know you’ll be tempted, have a snack-size meal packed with lean protein, a health fat and veggies so it is easier to pass on the processed breads and fatty appetizers.

4. Chew each mouthful at least 20 times (yes, count when you’re chewing!). It helps with digestion and slows your eating down.

5. Eat half your plate and wait 10 to 15 minutes before continuing. You may find yourself full before you even start the second half.

6. Use 9-inch plates rather than 12-inch plates to help you control portions.

7. Make sure at least 50 percent of your meal is green – meaning lots of veggies!

8. Eat your veggies first, then protein, lastly carbs. Carbs are usually the first thing people go for, but it can also fill you up faster.

9. Brush your teeth after meals. This staves off the habit of continuous snacks.

10. Pack and snack the night before. Do it while listening to music or chatting with a friend on the phone so it feels like a part of

your life, not something that’s taking you away from it.

11. Park far away from wherever you go when you run your errands.

Those extra steps will add up!

12. Take the stairs whenever possible. If there’s an elevator indoors,

there’s also likely a set of stairs nearby.

These may be little things but when you add little things up they amount to BIG things over time.

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