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Junk Food : The Shocking Truth

We live in a fast-food world! Look around and you will see it everywhere. Commercials, weekly coupons in the paper, pop up ads, drive thru galore everywhere you travel Unhealthy food can feel like the easiest option. But in reality, this type of food is causing too many problems including childhood diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis.

Junk food facts

Here are the facts about junk food and the effects they can have to your health. Processed foods contain far too much salt, sugar and unhealthy saturated fats! For example, the 'average' burger contains 29g of total fat, 75mg of cholesterol, 1,000mg of sodium, 46g of carbohydrate, only 3g of dietary fiber, 9g of sugar and 25g of protein.

The health issue

Junk food simply does not contain the nutrients to keep you healthy. The high levels of sugar puts your body under stress and causing your pancreas to produce more insulin in order to attempt to control your blood sugar level and you may feel fatigued and lacking in the energy you need for the day.

The protein and carbohydrates in junk food are poor quality & often from tainted sources causing your blood sugar level to suddenly drop after eating; making you crave more sugar, making you grumpy and fatigued. There is so much fat in junk food! This gets stored in the body; making you gain weight with the heightened possibility of becoming obese.

You will also experience a negative effect on your cognitive performance because your body might not be getting enough oxygen. The larger you become the more at risk you are for many problems including a heart attack. The massive overload of sodium also has a negative effect on your body; causing high blood pressure which can lead to kidney failure. We don’t even need to take about the GMO’s.

Clean Eating

As a Professional Fitness Athlete, Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Clean Eating Coach and Online Certified Personal Trainer I practice & promote 'clean eating' while maintain balance in your life. I do this by following a few simple eating habits that can have a huge effect on your overall health. I have a great ebook Called Eat Clean To Stay Lean that gets into this subject in more depth.

Giving in to temptation

So you ate some chips and dip, and had a couple drinks at happy hour. You hit that snooze button on your alarm, rather than going to the gym in the morning. These are temptations we sometimes give into, and they come at us every single day.

But if you are on your path to being your best you, then you have to learn to fight temptation. Your journey to better health. No matter if it’s weight loss, a competition, or simply cleaning up your diet -- will be filled with temptation. Do not let those temptations take control and become roadblocks for you.

Remember that successful people do what others are unwilling to do. I chose success when it came to my health, and here are some things I do to help fight off temptation along the way:

5 Easy steps to better health

1. Prep all of your food for the day the night before. This way you have no other options but healthy food.

2. Pack a toothbrush. Brushing your teeth and having a clean mouth will help keep you from eating between meals.

3. Drink lots of water. A gallon a day (yes, I said a gallon!) will help keep you full and satisfied.

4. Always grab for extra veggies when you have a craving. My favourite veggie snack is sliced cucumbers with Cinnamon and stevia sprinkled on top.

5. Create an image board of your ideal lifestyle. Put pictures of people you look up to, bodies you like, words that motivate you, and stories that inspire you. Have this image board somewhere where you’ll see it a lot. When you feel weak, look at the image board and know that you have goals and dreams that you ARE going to obtain. It is 100 percent up to you to make them happen. That image board will serve as your inspiration for when temptation hits.

Making the best and cleanest choices that you can the majority of the time will significantly improve the quality of your life, health & happiness!

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