Yvette (Competition)


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I went to Emily Reynolds for coaching on posing and stage presence two weeks before a figure competition I had been training for. What I got was above and beyond my expectations.

Not only did I gain the knowledge and confidence in my posing and stage presence, she gave gave me a diet and introduced me to spinclass. These both helped me to rid the water and fat in my thighs and glutes just in time for my competition.

Training and diet aside, she supported me everystep of the way. She turned me on to a great tanning service, Cheat The Beach, helped me with my makeup and stayed with me through my whole show experience.

Although this was my third show, I had never felt the confidence in any others that I experienced this time around. I won second place in the open and went on to do another show a few months later where I placed second in two categories.

Emily truly is a caring soul, great at what she does and an exellent choice for anyone who wants to take their training, knowledge and confidence to the next level!






























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