Vilma (Online Training & Meal Planning, Competition Prep & Posing)

Working with Emily has been a great experience.  I learned so much about how to get in shape not only for my Fitness competition but also to carry on with a healthy life style. She has been a great inspirational and motivational individual in my life. I think working with her has been one of the best things I have ever done and one of the best decisions I ever made. 

There was a time when I wanted to quit yes and there she was telling me to continue because she knew how much this meant for me. She was right; doing a fitness competition had been one of my long time goals and due to different circumstances I had to keep putting it on hold.  I am so happy I did not stop nor let anything stop me from achieving this goal. 


Most of all, I learned something else about myself. I learned that I am a very strong, passionate and extraordinarily disciplined. Most of us are taught to be humble and never mention except to ourselves what we are good at and people don’t need to know. However, during my fitness journey and training with Emily I learned to be proud of my accomplishments to embrace them and share them with others because they identify with me and my fitness journey.

I must confess there was times when I doubt it myself and I did think Emily might not be able to work with my Hispanic genes and crazy body specifically my tummy.  Then, again she succeeded my expectations beyond I could think of.  I felt great the day of my competition, I felt confident and I knew I was at the standard as all the other competitors but one thing did remained in my mind 
Today, I am extremely happy to say, “I did it!” I went and worked hard for my dream and to make it true but it would have not been the same if it was not because of Emily Guidance and support Emily has been a great Coach, motivator and today I am happy to call her my friend.  

Emily- thank you for all your guidance, support and help to reached one of my ultimate goals. I could not have done it without you.
-Vilma :)

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