Vilma (Online Training & Meal Planning)

When I was in my twenties I was diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) after a very long year without knowing what was wrong with me. I was prescribed some medication to take for life. I was not happy about having to make my body lazy to what it’s supposed to do naturally. I started reading books, articles and all directed me to exercise and a healthy diet.

So, I started going to the gym and created a daily diary of all the food I was eating. Also, how was I feeling the next day? I started searching for workout YouTube videos to get new ideas through my new healthy journey.

I then, came across a beautiful, smiling and fun girl, her name Emily Reynolds. She was dancing and moving her dogs from side to side. I remember thinking to myself “I would love to be more fun like her.” At the specific time of my life my IBS was really controlling my life. I kept looking at her videos; Butt Blaster and Ab Workout and finally her yummy and healthy brownies.

One day, my friend Rob invited me to attend a fitness competition show as his Pro-bono case. I was excited to see it since I was becoming so passionate about the fitness world, but little did I know that Emily Reynolds was going to be there too. When I saw her I got so excited as if I was going to meet my celebrity idol. I told my friend Rob about it and he pushed me to go say hi to her. I was embarrassed, but I run after her because I was afraid she was leaving. I was really hoping she would be nice as her videos showed her. Well, I approached and she was super nice! She even asked me to take a picture with her and she gave me her contact info. She emailed the pictures to me and she became my friend ever since. I constantly, kept sending her emails asking about different things and she is been to this day always so helpful and very nice to me. She always emails me encouraging messages too.


I have been in contact with her for more than two years now. Although, I was not able to work with her as my coach until now she always answered my questions. She was never rude to me and her advice always worked. I must admit, I researched other people to possibly work with. However, they really disappointed me. They only cared about their payment and one of them made me get in tears after telling me that if I did not have the money then I should just reconsider. I remember turning to my husband crying and telling him how was this person able to say this? Then, I met another coach. I also tried contacting this person and I was only ignored.

On the other hand, Emily was always there willing to help me. She cares for you as a person, as a friend, your success is her success. She is kind and she responds to your right away. She has been willingly to be my coach since day one. She is polite and professional and she will be there to help you right away when you are ready to have her as your coach and to take control of your life.

Emily - I am truly thankful for meeting you on that day back in Anaheim and for approaching you. I appreciate every single word you say to me and I look forward to your comments. Thank you for making me feel stronger, look great but also feel great and most of all staying healthy without missing any treat meals or feeling hungry.

Thank you Emily for helping me be my best me.

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Vilma M.

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