Tiffeny (Online)

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Meeting Emily and training with her was exactly what I needed to finally get theresults I had been searching for! Prior to actually meeting Emily, I had followed her on Facebook for months and months mimicking all of therecommendations she posted from diet to exercise.; trying to eat what she ate and even writing out all the workouts she posted, until finally I decided toreach out to her. I was captivated by her journey, determination,passion, and inspiration for life and fitness which convinced me that she’d be the perfect coach for me. When we finally met, I was 100% convinced that shewas exactly the person I needed in my corner to help me to accomplish my fitness goals. My initial goal was to get fit quick, tone up, loose a fewinches and work on my abs. In about three months I did exactly that. I lost12lbs; lost inches, toned up and can finally see some definition in my abs.When I began working with Emily, I really didn’t know what to expect but Itrusted her to the fullest and was confident that she always had my bestinterest at hand.  She’s sincere, thoughtful, inspiring, motivating,encouraging and most of all she is passionate about what she does and that tome is priceless.  I am extremely pleased with my results and will continues triving to be the best me!

Thank you Emily for coaching me, having faith in me, and inspiring me! I am gratefulevery day to have you as my coach. I am so glad I reached out to you! Let thenew goals begin…competition! 

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