Suzanne (Competition)

Training with Emily has been a great experience for me! She really transformed my body with her workouts and diet. I feel leaner and stronger on her program. The workouts and diet are great and easy to follow.  

Before I met Emily I competed in a show in early September of 2011.  I wasn't as lean as I wanted to be and didn't place as well as I wanted to, so a week after that show I decided to give it another try and planned a show for the end of October. I called Emily for help. She put me on a 6 week program that really transformed my body in a short period of time. I also scheduled a couple of posing practices with Emily that gave me more confidence and really made a difference in my stage presence.

As a result of Emily's program I placed first in my bikini masters class! I was more than thrilled! Emily was at the show to support and cheer me on, and that really helped. I've competed for the last six years and never got to first place until I trained with Emily. Hard work and dedication pay off, especially when you have the right trainer. Emily is a great person to work with, and a real sweetheart. I am so glad to have found Emily as a trainer and friend.

I am so happy to have placed 1st place again! That’s two in a row , my only two training with Emily Reynolds as my coach! For the past 6 months training with her my body has really improved especially in my butt and legs! I also felt very confident on stage with Emily’s help with posing. She has made such a difference in my life, I am so lucky to have found her as my coach and friend!



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