Sam (Coaching)

After working with a trainer for 2.5 years and reaching my fitness goals, I decided I could maintain on my fitness on  own, which I did for a while. Then, I slowly realized I wasn’t pushing myself and made excuses to not workout, which all resulted in weight gain and feeling just sluggish.

Instead of contacting my prior trainer, I decided to find someone new. I just happened upon Emily, and she was incredibly open in sharing her prior struggles with weight gain during our first meeting. It made her more “human” and endearing and not just someone who has great genetics to thank for her amazing physique.

She’s very methodical in her approach to training, which I appreciate. I don’t always take direction very well, and Emily is incredibly patient in clearly verbalizing the correct forms. I absolutely love that she pushes beyond what I thought was capable of, much more so than my prior trainer. She also focuses on you the entire time you are working out with her to make sure you are maximizing your potential.

Whatever your fitness goals may be, Emily will motivate you to reach it. She’s very approachable with a genuine passion to help people. It’s also a bonus that she’s accessible by e-mail, phone, texts, etc.

When I signed up to train with her, I wasn’t looking for a friend, but she definitely has become someone I’m thankful to have met. I’m not quite at my goal, but with Emily’s continued help, I’m confident I’ll reach it soon enough.

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