ReNie (Online Training & Meal Planning)

Emily has been a true inspiration to me!  
I am a “domestic engineer”, mother of an amazing 2 year-old, and work part time.  I need to stay healthy and always be at the top of my game to keep it all together.  I was looking to exercise more and eat better; however, I could not come up with a plan that consistently worked for me.  
I met Emily online, through a high school classmate of mine.  I read about her struggle with her health and the dedication and hard work she put toward getting healthy and fit.  All of her posts were positive and encouraging, but there was one key phrase that she always said, that simply stuck with me:  “Let me help you be your best you”. Who doesn't want to be and feel the best that they can?  I contacted Emily and I was on my way to a better me!  
I am a no frills kind of person.  I do not buy into whatever is trendy at the time.  Let me just say, Emily Reynolds is REAL and that is exactly what I needed!  She is very knowledgeable, motivating, thorough, and an incredibly caring individual.  Emily took the time to learn about my day-to-day life, then provided me with a customized meal plan and workout plan that fit my busy schedule.  In addition, she supplied me with a plethora of information on supplements.    
Just after a few days, I noticed a positive change and an increase in my energy level.  Soon I had an overall great feeling in my body and mind.  Clean Eating really made a difference and is my lifestyle now.  That is the thing about Clean Eating… it’s a lifestyle, not a diet fad.  Emily checked in with me often, and provided me with motivating and realistic advice.  Not only did Emily help me physically, but mentally/emotionally as well. 
Emily, you are an awesome person and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me become a better me!     
~ ReNie          

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