Paula's Story

I love my

Much of this is due to Emily's dedication, knowledge, patience, her hard work and mine. Her training techniques bond easily with all personalities, body types, and ability. I am so thankful to have her as my trainer and friend.

Each week I find new muscles, a flatter tummy and more looks coming my way. Every time I hit a plateau, Emily is there to help push me, change my diet, and mix up my workouts. Every time I want to quite or am too tired, she is there with motivation and a drive to make me better.

My workouts and diet have been tailored to my schedule, food needs and wants, and she is there for every question or concern. Don't worry about falling off the wagon. Emily is there every step of the way to pick you up, dust you off and put you back in the saddle.

Now I am not saying it isn't hard work, but every minute I dreaded at the gym before is every moment I look forward to now. I am officially addicted to working out and being healthy.

If you need to lose 5 pounds or 50, train for competitions or just want to feel good, Emily has a workout and meal plan for you.

From the bottom of my heart and from my now hard bottom ... Thank you!

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