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First of all, I will just start by saying that hiring Emily was one of the best things that I’ve done for myself. 

I have been a person who has always struggled with her weight. I gain weight 
by just looking at food! Lol I was always a runner, thought I ate pretty healthy, and was active, but some how never managed to lose weight. I would “yo yo diet” and end up feeling worse when I wouldn’t see results. 

I got in touch with Emily and within a couple of weeks of working with her, the weight just started dropping and my body was quickly changing. 

Emily not only gave me the tools necessary to achieve my fitness goals, but also was so motivating and encouraging throughout this journey. So not
only did I make my goal, but also managed to compete in my very first NPC Bikini Competition! 

Overall, I have dropped 45lbs and more importantly I feel that I achieved this the healthy way without diet pills or crazy diet fads. Emily introduced me to a new healthy lifestyle and eating clean. 

What I love about working with Emily is that not only is she an amazing trainer and coach, but she is very sweet, supportive, and encouraging throughout the way!

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