Occhi (Online Meal Planning & Supplementation)

On January of this year I made what I consider one of my top hard decisions ever! After years of eating everything at anytime I was going to give clean eating a try. I have always been involved in sports and outdoors so I was somewhat fit but I wanted to improve myself & move past this plateau I was on.

I reached Emily for nutrition advice and guidance, she worked with me and built a Customize Meal Plan. I won't lie; the first two weeks were hell I was not in the best mood. But with her help and ideas and also her Eat Clean To Stay Lean Recipe Book I learned to substitute bad for healthy without having to sacrifice flavor. It really got easy and two and a half months later I don't see the diet as a diet anymore it is now a lifestyle. I'm fitter than before and definitely healthier inside and out! 

There are no words to express how lucky and thankful I am for all Emily's help and patience. I was not an easy case.

If you are wondering what healthier food habits can do for you ask Emily for guidance you will be amaze with the results.I promise!


"Strong is what happens when you run out of weak"


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