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In August 2012 I was doing some research on trainers and also their methods and beliefs. I normally am extremely good with my diet and clean eating, but with many changes in my life I gained 14 pounds in 6 months. It was uncomfortable and my wedding was coming up in October. I did some research on trainers and came across Emily. I watch some of her YouTube videos and right away got an amazing vibe and could tell her personality was real and genuine. I contacted her and told her my vision as well as my limitations as being a vegetarian. She had no problem meeting my food needs and sent me a personalized meal plan, and fitness plan. I decided to give it my 100% to see how well my body would accept her program. ALL THE SUPPLEMENTS SHE USES AND HAS HER CLIENTS USE IS 100% NATURAL AND CAN BE FOUND IN A ORGANIC STORE OR HEALTH FOOD STORE. That was the key thing for me when I chose her. Each week I dropped 1-2 pounds and by week 6, I was down 10 pounds... I had 2 weeks left before my wedding and wanted to drop 5 more pounds. Emily customized my food plan again to be very strict for my two week goal. She did advise me it was not a long term thing and would not be healthy to do long term, but would be OK to do for 2 weeks. Throughout all these weeks, I emailed her whenever I had a question, or felt down, or not motivated- yet she would respond right away and gave me all the help I needed and motivation to stay on course. The week of my wedding I reached out to her for help in regards to my bachelorette, eating out, etc. She had SO many ideas and options when I had to encounter situations that could sabotage my hard work. And each time I pulled through because she was THERE FOR ME!

On my wedding day I weighed in 108 pounds and felt amazing. I had lost 14 pounds in 8 weeks and I did it HEALTHY. Emily was a part of every step of the way and never let me down. I will not lie and say it was easy, because it took work on my end. But it was worth it and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to shed the last ten pounds or more. You will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. I will definitely be looking to take my training to the next level with Emily in the near future.

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