Melissa (Meal Planning & Training)

Emily is the real deal!

After being lucky enough to meet Emily in person very briefly at a local gym, I started to follow her on Facebook and visited her website. I was absolutely AMAZED by first, Emily’s own transformation, as well as her remarkable work out videos, clean eating tips and suggestions, and her overall zest for not only helping people to look their best on the outside, but to also be 100% healthy on the inside.

Even though I was a typical  “yo-yo” dieter for my entire life, I knew I had it in me to change, but I just could not get it right!  No matter how many trainers I burned through or meal plans I stuck to, I wasn’t achieving the look that I wanted, I felt tired and run down, and my health and fitness had become a chore. 

Enter Emily!

I reached out to Emily when I had finally had enough and she welcomed me with open arms. Not only did Emily look like the picture of health inside and out, she was more knowledgeable about health and fitness than anyone I had ever met. After customizing a meal plan consisting of all of the foods I like, we began our workouts (super fun work outs that I always look forward to) and I began to see FAST results. 

After just five weeks with Emily, I had lost ten lbs, 5 inches from my hips (not to mention other body parts) and I was bounding with energy. Just when I was REALLY starting to notice changes, I had a major setback in terms of an old  injury flaring up again, and  I was devastated. 
I complained to Emily almost every day about being frustrated that I couldn’t work out and how “my life really stinks right now”.

Emily listened to me and clearly understood how I felt, but I will never forget the day she said “set backs happen and are only temporary. Let’s focus on what you CAN do”!!!!  Emily first adjusted my meal plan to compensate for the fact that I could not work out to full capacity, and then created an anti-inflammatory meal plan for me. Within two days of starting it, my symptoms decreased by over 50%!  This woman really knows her stuff!

If you have communicated with Emily, you know she is always reminding you to “be your best you”. What I hope Emily knows herself, is that she will make you WANT to be your best you. What an inspiration and total ray of sunshine. 

I’ve not only found the best in the business, but a true friend for life. You can’t ask for more than that! 

Love ‘ya girl!

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