Mary (Competition)

Last year I decided to compete in my first NPC Bikini contest.  I was on track with diet and workout schedule, but the daunting task of "walking the stage" seemed like it would forever keep me from reaching my goal. I thought I could get the job done by watching videos and practicing a few times in my living room, but the confidence never came with it. Emily Reynolds (MLE Fitness) had always been an inspiration to me in the gym, and I knew she could help me get where I needed to be before show time.  

I met with Emily a few times before my first show to learn the basics of the stage, the walk, and exactly what would be happening the day of the show. I cannot explain how helpful this was and the confidence that came along after my session with her. Without the help of Emily I would have been completely lost the day of the show. Not only did she help me with posing, but she helped me with all of the "fine tuning" and little details throughout my contest prep. I placed first in my class with the help of Miss Emily ;-)  There is a lot to be done before you step on that stage to compete. Finding the right suit, makeup, hair, jewelry, tanning, etc. is just part of it; building confidence, having a "coach" backstage and a fan in the audience is what will bring you to the top. Emily does it the journey becomes much more exciting. I used Emily's help for my second show as well and felt even better about my stage presence and posing. She brought me from a 2 to a 10 in a matter of weeks!  If you are in doubt about your confidence on stage, set up your session with Emily NOW.... don't wait! You may see that she can help you with more than just your posing, and bring you to that next level that makes you a bikini champ.














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