Marlis (6 Weeks To Sexy Program)

I will tell you a little bit about how I started this awesome program with Emily called "6 Weeks To Sexy"

First I have to say it is not a simple program! It is  more like working close to your best friend because of the caring Emily put into this program to encourage and challenging me. I started because I feel that I hit my Plateau.  I'm a marathoner and outdoorsy type person. I like to keep myself youthful and alive; this is the best way. Running is what I love!

1 year ago I started doing Crossfit which made me believe I could become a better athlete. I fell in love right away. During the time I was running and doing Crossfit I saw that my body wasn't toning the way I wanted it to. But let me tell you; when I started Emily's 6 weeks to Sexy Program it did! 

The first week I started seeing the big changes. I know people always say diets and workout programs are too hard; but they aren't when you're determined to have a great body. That is exactly what happened to me; I got my great body!!

My workouts on this program have been more then great. Yes they are challenging but really awesome as well. You will have to eat clean and workout for about two plus hours per day but those hours are for you only. If you follow this program you will see changes. I am in my last week of the program and I'm thinking about keeping 6 Weeks To Sexy as part of my daily routine.

Eating clean really is the road to success for a better you !!! Thank you Emily for everything you taught me.

I was referred to Emily by a friend that knows her very well and lost 25 pounds on her program. I contacted her because my husband and I were stuck in rut and not feeling so sexy anymore. We  are parents to 3 beautiful children but it gets hard to find time for yourself some days. I really felt that this program was going to be what we both needed to get our butts in gear.

Throughout the last 6 weeks my husband and I managed to completely change our "lifestyle" as Emily kept reminding us that this all about. I just wish I did a before and after of our kitchen; wow! I had as many things I thought were good because they were sugar free or diet foods. Boy was I ever wrong! I trusted Emily and we followed the 6 Weeks To Sexy Program 95% (gotta be honest).  Between the two of us we lost 29 lbs and were able to toss out our "fat" pants and go shopping for sexy clothes. Now I actually believe my weight loss goal of 20 more lbs is possible.  

Thank you for all your emails and your positive support. You had us working our butts off but feeling great about doing it!

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