Maria (Online Meal Planning & Training)

You inspire me, Emily Reynolds Wbff Pro ! I want to say a little bit about how I met Emily Reynolds Wbff Pro. I am from Brazil and I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I met Emily when she lived here in Bangkok and I immediately loved her, as a person and as a professional. I am a trainer myself and I wanted some changes on my body but could not take myself to the next level.

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Me and Emily first met on an informal basis and when we met for the second time we great conversation, discussing Fitness in general and my goals.
Not long after we met Emily she moved up north of Thailand to another city and I decided to do Emily's online fitness and nutrition program. After one month I could notice a big change in my body, which gave me the boost that I needed to keep going. I couldn't believe how much I could achieve and what my body was capable of!

She is a great listener, understands what your body is going through and works with you. She adapts the exercises and nutrition, when you face your setbacks, to ensure that you achieve what you want, all the time encouraging you to keep going! She is highly qualified and will take you to where you want to be on your fitness and nutrition journey. I just wish I would be living near her so that I could train with her in person! And of course, to see more of her!

Recently Emily visited Bangkok and it was great to catch up with her. She is down to earth, has such a positive attitude in life and is so confident that you can't help yourself but wanting to have her around and as a friend for life!

I highly recommend Emily to anyone whose goal is to "be your best you". 
Love you, Emily, and you deserve all the success! XXXX

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