Ludi (Coaching)


Even though I do not live in the same city, Emily dedicated an entire weekend to teaching me different workouts to fit my busy lifestyle, training on how to work on my problem areas, and customized a meal plan that works with my special food needs.

I am Anemic and need to eat frequently and must stay away from stimulants and high sugar products. She tailored a plan to fit my every need and want. She takes care of every detail, and is there for every question and concern. I know she cares about my health, progress, and me!

She has taught me about what supplements to take, what products are good for digestion, and gives me overall encouragement. She sends me emails and calls just to give me tips of the day, and additional info she might have learned. I have never even had a doctor that cared so much about my health inside and out.

I feel more beautiful, sexy and most of all feel more healthy than ever! Thank you Emily, the best trainer in the world, and someone I consider very dear to my heart. She will change your life!

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