Loren (Competition Coaching, Meal Planning, Posing)

Emily is someone who has inspired and changed my life for the best. I met Emily about a year ago at the gym when she approached me asking if I ever thought about competing.

From the very beginning, I noticed that Emily had strong confidence in me, something that I greatly needed at the time. Unlike many trainers who I have come across who say one thing and do another, Emily truly practices what she preaches. I have always been an athlete who enjoys doing all sorts of exercising, but I never understood why my body wasn’t changing. I evidently hit a plateau.

Emily devised a meal plan for me and helped me understand what sorts of foods I needed to consume and stay away from in order to reach my goal of competing in my first NPC bikini competition. Within the first week of following the meal plan 100%, I had lost 3.75 inches around my body. WOW! This was such an inspiration that encouraged me to stay on the plan in order to reach a bikini-ready body.

Emily was continuously in contact with me in order to see how my body was reacting to the change of lifestyle and to make sure changes were made when needed. In addition to my meal plan, Emily also helped me with posing. Being a modest person, I never thought I would be comfortable with posing, let alone in a bikini and high heels, but Emily created a comfortable environment and made me come out of my shell in order to be confident on stage.

In my first competition, I placed 2nd! This was such an accomplishment for me and I truly couldn’t have done it without the knowledge, support and friendship from Emily.

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