Liz (Coaching)

Emily gave me a reality check about my goal weight and what I should be striving for.  As an athlete, I was always confident in my body, but as I got older my weight crept up and I was no longer sure of where I stood regarding a goal to set. The BMI formula we are given doesn’t apply as well to athletes, and its non-specific.  Friends will always say “oh, you look fine, don’t worry about it.” 

I needed honesty.  I needed someone to look at me with expert eyes and give me a solid, attainable goal to reach. 

Emily helped me determine and achieve my goal weight.  With her coaching, diet, and motivation, I have finally achieved the goal weight of 143, a loss of 12 lbs. (I’m 5’8).  My body fat now measure fewer than 16%, and I am wearing a size 4.  My confidence is back, and I feel better than I did in high school (and I was 20 lbs. lighter then!).  I was able to achieve all of these goals in less than a year, while running a business and being a full time nursing student. 

She also taught me the key to eternal youth: juicing veggies!  My skin looks radiant and my digestive problems have mostly disappeared. 

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