When I first met with Emily, it was because I was having trouble getting to my pre-pregnancy weight of 126 pounds.  For years I had been working out on my own without seeing any results.  Then my husband suggested some high intensity MMA workouts.  These weren't really my style but I was willing to try anything to hit that magic number of 126 pounds and lose the muffin top at my waist.  Now, I thought that I ate healthy because I ate mostly at home, didn't drink soda or coffee, kept sweets to a minimum, and ate things like non-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, and reduced fat Wheat Thins.  But with all the effort that I put in, the only results that I saw were the scale going up...not down.

Emily changed everything.  She taught me not only what not to eat, but what I should be eating, at what times of the day, and in what quantity.  Now at first, it is extremely difficult to change your entire diet and fill your kitchen with the right things.  I had to give up so many of the things that I loved to eat, but she told me what to replace them with so I wasn't starving.  She also helped me change my workouts into something that was my style that I actually enjoyed.

The first 5 pounds took a few weeks to come off and soon into the program I reached my goal of 126 pounds.  But I wasn't as happy with the way my body looked as I thought I would be, and since the meal plan wasn't killing me, I stuck with it to see if I could lose just a bit more (but I in no way expected to.)  Then, to my amazement, the pounds kept falling off.  I continued to stick to the plan with very minimal "cheating" and worked out about 5 days a week.  I continued to focus and my motivation continued because I could see the scale change and more importantly I looked and felt better in my clothes.  Soon, I had to start using belts to keep my pants up, and then I needed new bathing suit bottoms.  It was crazy!

I feel so much better about how I look.  I no longer have a muffin top when I sit down, nor do I have to worry about my shirts showing the extra fat around my mid-section.  I actually feel good about my 35 year old mother-of-two body, and I had given up the thought of ever feeling proud of my body at this stage in my life.

I stuck to the plan, I worked my butt off at the gym, and maintained confidence that if I did it 110% that there would have to be some improvement; and there was.  I am now at 114 pounds and maintaining the weight fairly easily.  I still work out 3-4 days a week, and still keep to the plan as often as possible.  Without Emily's guidance and knowledge, I couldn't have had this amount of success.  Because of her, I have reached a goal beyond my expectations.

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