Kristen Foglio (Personal Training, Meal Planning)

Emily and I started a meal plan and training in January. I always had an idea of what I wanted my body to look like, but never really thought I would have the will power to actually make it look the way I've imagined.

Emily took the time to find out exactly what I wanted to work on and started a routine that fit, not only my schedule and personality,  but my goal. We also started a meal plan which I must say, I was nervous about because I LOVE coffee creamer and yes ugh... splenda. I thought out of the entire plan not having my morning coffee just the way I liked it would ruin it for me. Instead of taking the easy way out and cheating I followed through and to this day,  I cant stand my coffee sweet or with a load of cream!

Emily taught me that it was something our body is use to and when you start eating healthy and not adding in all the unnecessary additives our taste buds change and become more aware of the not so good stuff we are putting into our bodies!  

When Emily and I started training, I thought how the heck am I ever going to make it through this session?! I literally thought I was going to get sick literally, but her drive and encouragement not only kept me going, but made me push myself the hardest I had ever worked before. I would leave to go home and feel so great... sore yes, but great internally and externally. After a couple of sessions I was beginning to not be as sore, but able to keep doing more and more. In the beginning, I had never been a great runner,  but now I can run a lot longer and harder than ever.  

Emily not only encouraged me through all of our workouts with words and excitement, but she would always look at me with such a big smile because even when I didn't believe I could do one more push up, she did. Many times she would even sit next to me and do the exercise with me.

Throughout my training with Emily, I learned to use the workout equipment properly so I could continue my routine when Emily and I had finished our training sessions together. I learned enough that I thought I could even show other people different ways to exercise and work on different parts of their body.

Emily and the meal plan she helped me with, has really given me an insight as to what it takes to be healthy, not only for now but in the future. Having a personal trainer that I felt comfortable with like Emily, is really something everyone should do for themselves at some point in life. It not only makes you stronger on the outside, but in the inside as well to give me the encouragement to do it on my own.

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