Kelly (Meal Planning, Supplement/Cleansing, Online Training Program)

Thank you to my health coach Emily Reynolds. I did not even know how much I needed you when I approached you about online training. I must admit that I thought I was pretty healthy and really only needed to lose weight to look better. You helped me to see that I was not "being my best me". The workouts you gave me were very hard at first but now I feel like a show off in the gym LOL! My butt has never looked so high and I actually see muscles in my stomach rather than chub. But not only have I lost 12 lbs on your program but I learned what you mean by "be your best you". You always told me that I should look good naked and feel as healthy as I did when I was 20. Sorry but I though that was a little crazy at the time. But now I feel so good about my 42 year old body that I can not wait to run around in a swim suit like a 20 year old. Your meal plan for me changed the way my entire family eats. I can not believe it. The supplement and cleanse plan changed the way I look at my body and how I need to care for it. The things that you have told me make so much sense now and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me. I am changed forever and my family is very thankful too. I will never be the same again and now I will always be my best me!

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