Katie (Online Meal Planning - Vegan)

Hi Everyone, 
My name is Katie and I have been a Vegan for the past year. My transition to being a vegan started earlier than I had realized, but now looking back I am extremely grateful things have worked out the way that they have.I was a vegetarian for most of  my childhood that I can remember, but I didn't really understand why I was doing it, except that I just did not want to eat meat.

I started eating meat again once I joined the military and the vegetarian options were lacking. To be completely honest I have had digestive issues since I can remember and I have never been able to figure out the cause.

Almost 3 years ago I reached out to Emily to begin training for a competition. Emily immediately made sure my diet had no cheese or milk; I was a little sad about no cheese, but always had an intolerance to milk so that did not bother me that much. I have trained on and off for the past 3 years, and finally a year and a half ago I transitioned to a pescetarian and eventually became a full time vegan. I started by cutting out all red meat, then chicken and fish , and finally the last stage of animal byproducts like milk, cheese, eggs, and honey.The whole transition took about a month.  

Once I became a full vegan, I had ZERO digestive issue. I have fallen off of the wagon and tried pizza or chicken to see how it makes me feel and it is NEVER good! If you have been counting macros, or watching what you eat it is a HUGE transition to calculating vegan macros, but Emily has been a huge help with this part of the transition.

So I have made the transition and guess what? IT HAS BEEN AMAZING! No digestive problems, more energy, no headaches, and my muscles are still growing. At first I experienced about a 10 pound weight loss. I gained a few pounds back here and there because I was exploring how to calculate macros, but I would say I have kept 10 pounds off pretty easily.

I suggest if you are thinking about making the transition do your research so that you don't get stuck with the questions of 'can I eat that',  'does that have an animal byproduct in it', and even 'where can I find affordable vegetable prices'. The transition is hard, but to me it is 100% worth it!

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