Julia (Bodybuilding Contest Prep, Meal Planning & Workouts)

I was already 9 weeks into my prep for my first bodybuilding contest when I asked Emily for 
support. I had only 7 weeks left, was tired from all the cardio and lost confidence that I will 
get in decent shape. 

Emily made quite a few drastic changes regarding my workouts and meal plan; it was really 
tough the first two weeks but I pushed myself through it and the results came in. 7 weeks later,
my body fat was down to 11.5% and I lost almost 10 kgs (22 lbs) in that short period of time. 
It was my first contest and I know I did not look perfect but I was entirely happy with how far 
I have come especially considering that I was previously really overweight.

Emily made me understand my own body better and she made me realize that being healthy and 
having a balanced approach is key. I loved her meal plans because I never felt I was starving to 
death even though I was "dieting". I also enjoyed the changes in the workouts because it made 
me try out new things such as plyometrics.

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