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I had known Emily for years, and heard about her transformation by changing her diet and fitness goals, and I was intrigued! When I saw her in person again, her energy and focus was like nothing I have ever seen, and her body was like that of a brand new person! At this point, I will admit, she started to have my attention. She said, “I guarantee if you give this a shot for two weeks, you will see results unlike nothing you have ever seen.” With that, I decided to give it a try!

The first step for me was looking at my diet. My diet had always consisted of large amounts of protein but I had never been a big fan of vegetables. I was always a foody and loved eating out daily, so when I noticed I had to prepare fresh food to eat I wasn’t very thrilled. After listening to how there were many ways I could vary my diet plan I was somewhat relieved. All this food actually sounded delicious and I knew that eating the right foods more often was probably something I could gain from.

In addition to the diet plan, Emily also provided me with a new training regiment. I had always been an upper body guy who would go into the gym one day and bash out chest and triceps, then head back in for back and biceps. This is the workout I always had been comfortable with and I really thought it offered me the results I needed. Man was I wrong!

By listening to the varied exercises and routines that Emily was recommending I realized that not only was my body never being challenged but I was actually fairly out of shape. I know we have all seen the various infomercials who claimed that confusing the muscles was the key to maximum gains. Well now I actually believed them. Within two weeks I had lost 2 inches on my waist and had started to see these little muscles bulging thru my stomach. Oh wow, they were my abs!! My arms were bigger and stronger then ever and I started noticing results in places I had never seen before. 

The best thing about all this was the fact that I had an increased energy level and confidence unlike nothing I had ever experienced. Who knew that eating the right foods and working out the right way would actually work? Go figure. Emily taught me that regardless of your personal goals that anything is possible all you have to do is try.

She now has gone on to be a successful figure and bikini competitor and fitness model while I maintain my new diet along with the workout routines and have never been happier. Thank you Emily. You have been a true inspiration to me and there is not a person in the world who I wouldn’t recommend you to. Get shredded!

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