Joanna (Posing & Competition Prep)

I would like to let the world know...if they don't already Emily Reynolds is a class act. She has impressed me from the moment we connected and exceeded all expectations. How? Just by being her true authentic self.  

Emily shows up for life and takes the time to connect personally. I have felt every bit of her encouragement with such heartfelt sincerity. I am so grateful for her belief in me especially during times when I had lost faith myself. I will never forget how generous she was with her commitment and follow through.

I was struggling at the peak of my training with less then two weeks before I was to take the stage. My body was challenged by the diet regiment and not responding. I was in the hospital and feeling so broken and beaten. Emily not only supported me mentally but also was able to provide a a healthy nutrition plan to pull my health back to thriving grounds.

Remarkably, I graced the stage and place in the top five. She complimented my journey and continues to go over and beyond as a coach and now friend. I feel so blessed to have this Goddess in my life. She has exemplified health and wellness with high standards and respect her for it highly.

I encourage all to listen when she speaks because she has some very intelligent and wholesome messages to communicate. Her personal experience has been filtered honorably into her life passion and work. There is no doubt she; God willing will be a piece of my heart and life thread forever and always. She is far from one that lies on the surface but rather dives in deep and sticks.  

Emily is a beautiful, knowledgeable health and wellness practitioner with a holistic approach and I am so grateful to have the impact of her soul in my life. It is said that great teacher do not give their students the answer but rather lead them to discover it themselves...and that I can vouch. She leads gently...and allows you to find whats right for you...and be empowered!

Joanna Trailov


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