Jazz (Online Meal Planning & Training)

Not your average girl. That is exactly how I would describe Jazz! 
She is a bright light in my life. When I get an update on how she is doing on her workout & meal plan I always want to high five her thru the computer!

Jazz’s goal was to gain muscle and become stronger. People often forget how hard gaining muscle can be for women, especially genetically very tiny women. Jazz would never accept anything less than her ultimate goal and she has achieved just that and gained even more! Here is Jazz’s story in her own words:

jazzs overal progress.jpg

Hi I'm Jazz from Thailand,
I was wishing to have muscle! Why? Because I thought those who have muscle are very sexy, strong and are healthy! But the problem was I didn’t know how to start and maintain. Go to fitness center? Maybe yes, what if someday I can't go? How could I do exercise? How long will it take to gain muscle? How long do I have to pay for courses? Will I just get information on exercise? Will it match me and my lifestyle? How about being healthy? 
I want to stay muscular and be healthy! So, the best way is to consult with someone who is a specialist and a true expert of being optimal health! I chose to work with Emily Reynolds in America.

How do I feel after a few months exercise working with Coach Emily Reynolds.
Wow, it's so FANTASTIC!!! It is not just about being muscular; I get it!
- No gym no problem really
- No more back pain
- So happy with the new look
- I’m more confident
- I’m more patient
- Building my self-discipline
- Fit does feel so wonderful
- I always feel like "I'm looking young"
- Everyday I am excited

                                jazz flex.jpg

To be muscular is not too hard to reach just you have to have a strong commitment to your goal and take action with a “non-stop” type of attitude! 
No matter what happens just be focused on what you want! 

The most IMPORTANT is the one who leads you to success, make sure that you have a right COACH. 

Be Happy • Be Healthy • Be Strong

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