Janessa (Coaching)


I met Emily at a crossroads in my fitness career and the first thing that comes to mind is that I really wish I met her sooner than I did!

Emily has such a professional and incredibly real demeanor! You immediately feel confident that you know you are working with a person that truly cares about you. She listens, understands and makes a plan that truly fits your lifestyle with your goal. She’s honest, to the point and just there for you. This, coupled with her passion for her living, really sets her above the rest.

Emily’s coaching stood out the most to me when she ever so eloquently knew just when to suggest when it was time to make a move, step things up or to hold me accountable to my goal. I shared a bit of my experience through competition prep, business opportunities in the fitness industry and my challenges with each with Emily. Emily knew just what to say and when to say it. She coached me through certain situations reminding me who I am and encouraged me to handle it with strength and couth. The best thing about it was, she really treated me as a person, not a client. She has a way of encouraging your independence and for me, that went far. I wasn’t looking to pay someone to do things for me, just guide me along the path to where I was going. You get far more than just a workout plan and menu with Emily Reynolds! True coaching from someone who truly cares and is a pleasure to do business with!

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