Heather (Online Meal Planning & Training)

First off I would like to tell you that I am one of those people that I have tried everything in the book to lose weight. Including multiple different pills to shakes to exercise dvds. You name it I did it. I even hired other personal trainers but with all this in mind have never seen great results. I started getting depressed and my parathyroid was dragging me down. I am a single parent to two beautiful children who would watch me sleep daily for hours because I just couldn’t stay awake. They knew to let me sleep because mommy was sick. I just grew more depressed and ate even more due to being depressed.

My breaking point was when I walked into a store and a man asked how far along in my pregnancy I was. I about cried right there! This is when two friends of mine shared Emily with me.

It has now been 4 weeks I have been with Emily and what a difference. First of all I have gained so much energy. I can now keep up with my first graders and children, once I get home. I now have to make myself go to bed.  Eating clean has also taught me howto cook healthy foods. I was one of those that ate out at least 3 times or more per week. Thinking that I was ordering the best thing on the menu but now I know that it was misleading. Next, I have gained strength. I have always went to the gym, I’d do cardio for an hour maybe occasionally do weights, but now am becoming lean and gaining muscle. Lastly I have lost 12 pounds, that right 12 pounds!!!! I couldn’t even do that in a 2 month period working out 3 times a day and with Emily I have lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks. I feel great! Myself-esteem, motivation for life has come back to existence. I owe it all to Emily for taking the time to create the perfect workout and diet for my body.

Now, I am about to jump into my 2nd month of training/meal plan with Emily and I can’t wait to see what is in store for me. 

I recommend Emily to everyone and I always share how she has changed my life to be lean and healthy.

Thank you Emily for caring about me and giving me the tools to succeed in living a new healthy lifestyle. 

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