Heather (Online Competition Meal Planning & Training)

In 12 weeks I lost a whopping 21lbs! When I first contacted Emily I was in the biggest slump ever.

I was the heaviest I’d ever been. As a collegiate track athlete I was plagued with 7 stress fractures in 3 years which led to a career ending decision. I developed hypothyroidism and weight was packing on quickly, I felt at a loss with myself. I knew from the first time I contacted Emily that she could help me, having battled with hypothyroidism herself she knew exactly what I was going through.

Although Emily is miles away in Thailand, I never once felt neglected. If I sent her an email, you can bet that I would receive a response shortly. I never thought I’d enjoy working out like I did in my track days but Emily tailors workouts and even meal plans that are unique to every clients taste.

I was petrified of the scale but every week the scale (and body measurements) showed me my hard work and dedication was paying off. I cannot thank Emily enough, she is the BEST coach ever, SWEET at heart, and LOVES her clients. I competed in my first show at the West Coast Classic and went home with more experience to prepare me for my next show. It was exciting to meet women whether they were 20 or 45 years old that had a similar story to mine. It just shows ANYBODY can do it and Emily knows how to get you there! 

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