Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue (Online Customized Program)

For just over 5 month now I have been in a coaching program with Emily Reynolds. 

I have been sick for almost 20 years, and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome 4 years ago. This five months have completely transformed my life! 

She made a customized supplementation plan, meal plan and personal workout plan for me.  Very thorough, and detailed.  You shouldn’t have to know a thing about all of these things to be able to follow and execute it, it was made very clearly explained so there was no confusion, every month I received a new plan and even a few recipes.  I even received life style tips and all kinds of tips and tricks to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body. 

Emily is a special lady, she is the most kind and understanding coach I have ever encountered.  Even in the darkest of times, she knew how to direct me to the light and helped me to get and work through things.  She always finds positivity in every situation, even on moments where you lost hope because (you think) you haven’t made any progress at all. 

For most of my life (I am 36) I have been an all or nothing kind of person.  During these months, Emily thought me that balance is the key, and that you have to be patient and kind with yourself!!  I am so thankful I found Emily because to me it feels like she is sent from up above to guide me and also walk beside me like a true friend to walk me through my healing process! 

Thank you so much Emily, I will be eternally grateful I’ve met you J!!!!!!!

Elise, Belgium


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