Charae (Coaching)

I am constantly impressed by Emily’s drive and motivation.  I am super easy going but can get annoyed with trainers and coaches easily.  Emily really knows how to adapt and motive people.


Throughout my experience working with Emily I have gone through a ton of ‘downs’. Whether it be boys problems or a broken ankle, Emily was there and even coached me through that.  She was right there at the worst time of my life and helped get me through and overcome everything life threw at me.


Two weeks before my first competition I had broken my ankle.  I took a week off from training then got right back into it.  It was one of the toughest adjustments I’ve ever had to make, being dependent.  I craved that good soreness we get after a great workout, and Emily found a way to make it happen.  I was on crutches and had a cast up to my knee and I was sore the next day, unbelievable. 


Emily is a CAN DO kind of person.  She is great, and genuine.  I really admire her for touching base with me when she knows I am down.  I appreciate that I can always count on her and she is always there for me. 


Thank you Emily for being my coach, and thank you for being by my side and helping me get through and concurring everything life has thrown at me.


Charae Duong 

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