Elizabeth (6 Weeks To Sexy Program)

I contacted Emily about her 6 Weeks to Sexy program before my wedding.  
I was looking for motivation to get me excited about my workouts as they 
had become stale and boring.I emailed Emily seven weeks before my wedding
and she got back to me right away! I am a former bikini competitor so I 
am not new to clean eating and tough workouts.  The diet was easy!  I had 
options to choose from so no two meals were the same…and I was never hungry!  
The workouts were great.  

Emily provides detailed workouts tailored to your needs and even provided 
examples if you are unsure of form or if you are new to an exercise.  I was 
reintroduced to exercises I haven’t done in a while, as well as some new ways 
to workout.  

I mentioned I contacted Emily weeks before my wedding. I was working full time, 
planning the final details of the wedding, trying to move and going to festivities 
and get-togethers related to the wedding. Did I get in every single workout? 
No.There were some days that I had no time to get in a full workout. I got in all 
of the weight workouts and most of the cardio. Some days I was able to get both 
weights and cardio done in one workout, but most days I split the workouts in two.  
I would do one workout in the morning before work and one during my lunch break.  

Did I stick to the diet 100%? No. I stuck to the diet about 95% of the time.  
There were a couple of instances, where the food was out of my control, whether 
it was a party or a work gathering.  I made the best choices I could given the 
circumstances and got back on diet the very next day or meal.  

I made sure to be 110% honest with Emily about workouts and food. I had to send her 
updates about my progress! She was nothing but supportive of me and only had words 
of encouragement for me throughout the entire process.  

I ended up losing 7.5 pounds and quite a few inches in 6 weeks and regained some 
definition in my arms and abs again! If I had lost anymore, my wedding dress would 
have fallen off! 

I was pleased with the results and with Emily. I would absolutely recommend 
Emily Reynolds to anyone wanting step up their workout routine or change their physique.  
I’ve worked with a few different coaches and I must say that Emily is on top of her game.  
She gives a ton of information and advice, responds to emails quickly (even with that time 
difference between the US and Thailand) and always sends updated food/workout plans on time!  

Thank you again Emily for all of your support and encouragement! You are the be

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