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Through the miracle of social media, I had the fortune of finding Emily Reynolds! I was intrigued and I loved Emily’s philosophy – I was inspired by her fitness journey and her natural way of approaching fitness.

I thought I was living a pretty healthy lifestyle. I had lost and kept off 35 pounds.  I would work out 5 days a week, eat pretty healthy, but I felt stuck.  I was in a holding pattern.  I was looking for a change, a challenge, a new goal and wanted to be held accountable.  I wanted to transform my body – become more toned and lose some stubborn pounds.  I wanted to see how far I could push myself.  I had no idea what amazing transformations were in store for me when I began my journey with Emily – but I was READY!

Emily was so thorough in understanding and analyzing the lifestyle I led and was able to identify those areas that were prohibiting my success.  I am not in the position to join a gym, but Emily was able to put together a workout program for me that utilized the tools and equipment I have at home. Through her customized meal plan and workout schedule, I was able to hit theground running (literally)!

Although my goal was to get more toned and lose weight by eating clean, leanand green, the additional health benefits that I experienced were amazing.  I am a migraine sufferer.  On average, I would get a migraine twice a week.  Since I have been on this journey for 12 weeks I had not suffered with one.  I was released by my neurologist – he didn’tthink I needed to be under his care anymore!  I had become so accustomed to waking up every morning in a “fog”.  I always woke up exhausted, with a dull headache and not feeling “right”.  I thought this was NORMAL!  I now wake up with a clear head, more energized and with no regrets.

I have lost a total of 22.5 pounds on my 12 week program – I feel amazing!

Emily motivates, inspires and kept me accountable.  She understands that “life” happens, but always encourages to push through.  I don’t know how many clients Emily has, but she always made me feel like I was her only client.  I feel I have the tools and knowledge to maintain my new lifestyle.

Thank you Emily Reynolds – you are truly amazing.  Thanks to you, today my pants are falling off!




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