Deb (Hormone Balancing)

I met Emily Reynolds many years ago on set for a fitness product. I was the makeup artist. Emily’s passion for people and their health was very apparent right away. We kept in touch over the years. She is a consistent inspiration and motivation in the health and fitness world as well as a genuine heart!

Several years later I reached out to Emily because I was having issues with hormone balance and thyroid issues. She was willing to help me find answers and solutions to the issues I was experiencing….Fatigue, bloating, weight gain, moodiness, and digestive issues and overall not feeling like myself. At the time I was on Hormone replacement therapy that had helped me a lot up to that point, however I was experiencing symptoms of high levels of estrogen ie. Weight gain, extremely emotional, abdominal weight gain, pain and fatigue.

Emily offered me the advice to check my hormone levels by using a method which tests your saliva as opposed to the usual blood tests I had been doing. In doing this it revealed that my estrogen levels were abnormally high (stating that my estrogen levels were the highest she had ever seen). This information prompted me to go off of the Hormone Replacement Therapy and try to address these issues with natural supplementation. I tried Black Cohosh and Evening Primrose. Neither of those gave me any relief from my symptoms (mainly hot flashes that were extremely uncomfortable, having on average 2 an hour with extreme perspiration).

After reporting these symptoms being unbearable, Emily did her research and actually reached out to people that had some of the same issues. She sent me an email to inform me that she had a client that had taken a product called DIM which gave her great relief. Emily researched the product herself and felt comfortable and hopeful to share the information with me (which is so sweet that she thought of me!!) I have been using the DIM for a little over 5 weeks now and most of my symptoms are gone and if not gone, they are bearable.

Emily not only lives what she teaches, she does it with passion and a sincere heart to help and follow through. I am beyond grateful for her, her heart and her passion to help others be the best that they can be!! A sincere shout out to Emily Reynolds for taking the time and giving thought to helping me through a time that was difficult. I recommend anyone going through any type of physical challenge to get in touch with Emily. She definitely goes above and beyond and she practices what she preaches, which in itself is inspiration and brings peace to those seeking better health and wellness!
Thank You for being you!!

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