Crohn's Disease (Online Meal Planning & Supplementation/Cleansing Program)

Emily has been my online coach for quite some time now. I sought out her advice about my daughter who suffers with Crohn's Disease because I know Emily has lots of personal and professional experience with many different illnesses.

Since my teenage daughter has been diagnosed with Crohns years ago it had pretty much been controlled thru pharmaceutical drugs. 

But in November 2014 things changed. She started to feel very sick again. Leading up to this my daughter was consuming a lot of dairy and eating out a lot. She use to eat what all my kids ate which Is what I made for the day. After a while little by little she stopped eating as much. She also lost the ability to swallow properly, she lost a lot of weight and eventually she was admitted to the hospital. 

After she left hospital left us with no other option besides surgery and drugs that I learned from Emily are dangerous and highly toxic; I consulted with Emily. Emily out together a program for her in which we started her on the healthy diet, juicing vegetables and making soups at home. Emily also directed me on what supplements to get her for her to heal. 

Crohn's Disease is very difficult; she has her ups and downs but she is beginning to feel a lot better. Her inflammation marker went down after one week from a 37 to an 11! After her healthy diet she started realizing that anything bad that she consumed was irritating her Crohn's. She now recognizes what foods are healthy and healing for her and which are not. She misses her old food but she now loves healthy food and little by little she's getting use to this new program that is helping her Crohn's naturally.
-Loving Mother

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