Competition Posing Client

A year before  I turned the big 40, my husband suggested I start training and compete in an NPC fitness show in San Diego. It was nothing I had ever considered doing before, and I honestly doubted that i possessed the courage to do it.

As a mother  of 3 amazing boys, a wife and a business owner I immediately thought , where would I find the time for training and coaching? My husband would train me, but how was I going to learn how to pose, and really feel comfortable and confident on that stage. In stepped Emily Reynolds. She came highly recommended by a mutual friend, and from the very first moment I met her, I knew she was the real deal, a kind person who is genuinely vested In her clients and wants to help them reach their goals.

I had already done 2 shows by the time I came to Emily for help. Both shows I had been disappointed with the outcome, mainly my posing and stage presence. Emily took me under her wing, dedicated her time, and was amazingly patient with me until we nailed the posing, all the while encouraging me and giving me a major confidence boost. She would even have me video tape my posing routine once a week and let me know what I needed to work on! My third show, was my best, and I walked away feeling like I gave it my best and I was excited beyond words.

I highly recommend Emily Reynolds as a coach to anyone wanting to compete, or improve their body and mind and take it to a whole new level of health and confidence!!



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