Competition Handbook - Client not planning to compete

Dear Emily,
Foremost, I wish to thank you for sharing your personal story, struggles, knowledge and support.  Your story has motivated me to FINALLY pursue a long-held dream to get in the best shape of my life.  I'm not there yet but I've come a long way.  It's been a dream of mine for DECADES to have a lean, fit, firm body but life, family, husband, kids, career - you name it, all took priority before my self.  My health took a downward turn about 16 years ago when by brother passed away suddenly and again, even further, 3 years ago when my Mom also passed.  I have been holding on to grief and eating my sadness away.  Not many would know that I've been grieving this long or that I was starting to put on pounds because I would hide my gains with clothing and my sadness with smiles.
For many reasons over the years, I started to question the "professional advice" and prescriptions of doctors and began investigating natural and healthy changes to make personally.  For too many years, my New Year's resolution was the same and I'd be so pumped to get healthy once and for all. But sure enough, life would happen to throw me off course time and again.
This year I have been able to find a better life balance and, at age 45, finally prioritize myself, my health and my goals.  I am currently living a beautiful island lifestyle which has been so good for my soul. At the end of April, I committed to your 12 week Competition Ready program with my goal date to complete by July 18th, not to compete, but to proudly jump into a local costume.  I admit, I fell away from the program a couple of times.  It's easy on the island to get caught up in social life, parties....and rum!! Loll!  And the gym I use is not like those well equipped gyms in North America but adequate. Anyway, I know where I went wrong or fell off course but still proud of the progress I made and thrilled at the compliments I received at Carnival.
As I said, I'm still not where I want to be so I am now starting your Six Weeks to Sexy program feeling even more motivated than before.  Hopefully I can provide another testimonial with even better After Pics!
Thank you so much for your inspiration and support!  See you in six weeks!


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