Carrie (Competition)



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I had always wanted to compete in a figure competition. In September of 2010, I told my trainer at the gym that I would like to do a show, and we started to train for the October show. There was one piece missing: a figure trainer. Someone to help with nutrition, parts of my body that needed work and posing on stage. That's when Emily came into my life through a friend. 

The first time we met I was very impressed with her endless energy, excitement and confidence that I could compete and come away with a trophy with her assistance. So, with five weeks to go before the show, I began the process, following Emily's diet and training regime.

It certainly was more challenging than I expected, and Emily was always there to push me to continue and not to quit! The show was October 30, 2010. I was really nervous but Emily was at the show to help in all aspects and to keep me calm. I will never forget her yelling my name when I was on stage.

I came away with a third and fifth place trophy from my very first show at age 43!! I was so happy I finally achieved one of my goals in life. It was not easy, but Emily was there for me every step of the way. I have since competed in one other show, and I am planning on continuing with Emily's help of course!

Thank you, Emily, you're an awesome trainer and friend!


















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