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The past 6 months have been an unexpected and exciting journey for me.  I had been having chest pain and dizziness, doing blood tests, chest xrays, holter monitors, and just finding myself being referred from doctor to doctor who each wanted to try something else.  I moved to San Diego and shortly after and noticed I was not fitting into my clothes, feeling lonely working at home, and struggling without any social aspect in my life.  I had no motivation to even put on my regular clothes or do my makeup. It was all I could do to getout of bed every morning.  Finally for Christmas my Fiancé bought me training sessions with Emily!!!  I went without a clear cut goal, I just knew I needed something to change. 

After just 5 weeks of my training and healthy eating I had lost 8lbs and started to have some motivation.  I started to feel like my old self again and decided that I didn't want to stop; I made it my goal to compete in the NPC Bikini fitness competition in June!  By June I had lost a total of 25lbs and have been feeling better than I ever!  I placed in the top 5 in myclass at the competition!!! I can’t wait to compete again and continue to work on improving myself.  Training with Emily has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, I am ailment free, motivated, and incredibly happy!  Not only did this training affect me, but my fiancé Jason lost over 20lbs by our diet change and going to the gym with me!  We have learned so much and will never go back to our old lifestyle.  Emily exceeded my expectations and is by far one of the best coaches I could've everasked for.  She helped me change my life and walked with me every step of the way!



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