Bea (Online Client)

I first found out about Emily through another contact on Facebook. I immediately contacted her with a glimpse of hope she might be able to help me. My journey started in May of 2010 when I decided to get rid of the extra weight I was carrying and becoming a healthier person. I joined a gym, started working out regularly and within my first 3 months I went from 150 lbs to 129 lbs all on my own. Then everything stopped. Despite my 6 days a week workout regime and eating healthy, I was not leaning out the way I wanted and could not lose a single ounce no matter what I did. I hired a trainer and I was placed on a meal plan. I gained more muscle as I was being pushed to my limits, but the "extra" fat just sat on top of my muscles no matter what I did; including 4 days a week of serious cardio!


Fast forward another year and a blown lumbar disc later that nearly completely incapacitated me for 5 months, I was still sitting at 129 lbs with my 5'4" frame and I found Emily on the web. This was a life changing experience!  What I thought were completely clean eating habits were riddled with things I would have never considered bad. Emily opened my eyes and in no time I started to lose the extra fat! I am not a competitor nor do I wish to be one; my only goal was to lose fat, look leaner and lead a healthy life and Emily had just the right recipe. In my first month and a half I lost 5 lbs, which was unbelievable to me after all that time I spent trying the previous year and all I did was follow her recommendations.

Emily is the sweetest person and I feel like I know her despite the fact we have never met. She truly knows her craft,but you have to be open and honest (not only with yourself but with her) and tell her about your habits and provide her with all the details!! No detail is too small for Emily and she can help you transform yourself. 

After 3 months of working with Emily, I lost a total of 9 lbs and its honestly all due to her advice and expertise. There were so many people who told me I was crazy to think I could be 120 lbs at age 45 and I have not only reached my goal weight but now down to 118 lbs and feel better than ever by continuing to live the way she taught me. When it comes to healthy living, this is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Emily!

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