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Emily has so much drive and ambition you are motivated just being around her. She is a person who truly cares about your goals, your healthand nutrition. Emily wants to see everyone succeed and she will change your life.

My personal goals with weight were not as extreme as some cases, but they were my biggest battles with self esteem. Emily has helped me realize that there is no perfect "diet" but rather the perfect life style. She has taught me how to combine the right foods, and devised a meal plan that works for me.

Emily is teaching me how to work out the areas of my body that I want toned, and to overall slim up my body. It sounds easy enough, but for years trying other methods I had not seen the results I have seen with Emily in just a few months. She is such a pleasure to work with, and to be around.

Emily introduced me to Isagenix which has helped me get the added nutrients that I had been lacking. It has also stabilized my eating habits, given me more energy, and become a vital part of my health and well being.

I always feel encouragement, passion, and thoughtfulness every time I work with Emily. I am immensely enjoying my new way of life, and what’s even better, I am seeing results!

I could not ask for a better trainer, friend, or person to come into my life.



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