Alison (Competition Training & Meal Planning)


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I was already in decent shape when I decided to take my fitness to the next level by signing up to compete in a figure competition. My coworker told me about Emily and her figure-coaching services. After meeting with her and discussing my goals, I was convinced that she was the right trainer for me.

Emily pushed me past my limits and helped me to discover not only a new level of fitness but also a whole new me. My training routine helped me realize what I am made of. She also helped me to be more in-tune to my body’s energy needs.

My routine, coupled with her clean eating regimen, helped the inches fall off fast. And I was never hungry. Her meal planning made sure I ate filling food every 2.5 hours. And there was never a dull moment during training. She has a friendly attitude and we had so much in common that there was always something interesting to talk about.

But that wasn’t all. Another thing that made her an outstanding figure coach was that she understood exactly what I was going through because she herself was an avid competitor. Emily was by my side every step of the way. She offered support when I needed it the most, something you just cannot get from other figure trainers who coach you through e-mail.

Her schedule was flexible to accommodate my extremely busy schedule. And her ‘round the clock availability made sure I stayed on track and gave me the motivation to keep on, even when the going got tough. I admired the dedication she showed me, and she even entered the competition with me.

On the day of the competition, we both walked away with a trophy.



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