What is up with all these people becoming Vegans?

By Emily on Monday, January 19, 2015 12:30 AM

We all are on a constant journey to be our healthiest & happiest right? Ofcourse!  

That is why my moto is "Be Your Best You!" I wanted to share one thing that I am incorporating heavily into my life these days as part of my journey to be my best:
More Raw Foods and a heavily VEGAN way of eating!

So you automatically think that I get no protein, eat only veggies and have no energy. I heard you under your breath! I can assure you that this is FAR from the truth. I do still incorporate eggs and my favorite Isagenix Whey Protein and I will on rare occasion have fish or chicken. I have not become fully Vegan and do not like labels so I simply call it what it is; I'm incorporating a Raw & Vegan lifestyle into my own routine. I'm reaping the benefits of these alkaline and nutrient dense foods BIG TIME!  

Before I show you what I eat I want to share with you that there is one supplement that is crucial for Vegans; that supplement is B12. This is found in animal products and if you are deficient in it you can suffer from nerve damage, anemia, and chronic fatigue. When becoming Vegan is done correctly and you supplement with B12 you will have boundless energy and actually age slower, sleep sounder and not need your morning cup of coffee to get you going. 

Check out the B12 that I use by  CLICKING HERE. Contact me to order yours today; it is only $0.26 per serving!!

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So what do you eat for lunch when fish, steak, pork or chicken is not an option?
How do you get enough protein?
Does your food taste good?
Do you miss animal meat?

These are all common questions when you tell people you eat vegan foods. I have found that my food has more flavor, I utilize more healthy herbs and spices, I get enough protein rather than excess protein, I look forward to meals more & get absolutely NO bloating or digestive issues eating my vegan meals. 

Here is what my grocery list looks like:

vegan grocery list 1.jpg

You can find my printable grocery list by CLICKING HERE

If you want to incorporate more whole, raw, vitamin packed, nutrient dense, LIVE power foods into your lifestyle I encourage you to take it one step at a time. Don't feel like you need to drastically alter what you are doing now. I believe that in order to make lifestyle changes; slow and steady often wins the race. Pick a few things that sound appealing to you & start experimenting with some fun recipes. You will vastly improve your health by cutting down on animal products. It is the first step to fighting disease rather than feeding it!!

Here are links to a few of my favorite Grab & Go Vegan items:





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