Probiotics and why they are a MUST!

By Emily on Sunday, May 07, 2017 3:25 PM

Probiotics are an integral component to a healthy colon. Probiotics are also called “friendly bacteria”. This form of bacteria has also been called the second immune system. It is a fact that health starts in the gut. The primary job of probiotics is to defend the colon from foreign invaders: bacteria, viruses, and other opportunistic micro-organisms.
The best analogy to describe the health advantages probiotics offer would be police officers in a movie theater. Imagine if every seat in a movie theater were filled by a police officers, along comes a hardened criminal, he sees there is no place to sit and on top of that the room is filled with law enforcement.
The criminal creates a scene and the cops arrest him. The cops are guarding the theater to prevent any foreign invader. The same is true for the colon, in the entire colon is filled with friendly bacteria there is no room for opportunistic pathogens to set up shop, therefore your second immune system (probiotics) are an integral component to not only colon health but to the health of the entire body.
What Destroys friendly bacteria in the colon?
Prescription Drugs
Birth Control
Chlorinated Water
I will paint a typical scenario played out every day in America for you:
A person gets a cold or flu they go to their Medicine Doctor for an evaluation. The medicine doctor prescribes a round of antibiotics without even ordering a culture to see if the condition is caused from a bacteria or virus. Typically it is caused from a pathogen that is resistant to antibiotics. None the less we follow the advice from our health care specialist, take the antibiotics and continue on our way. To bad the damage has just began. We are never educated on why we are sick in the first place, I guarantee it is not from an antibiotic shortage in our body. The antibiotics destroy our natural defense from opportunistic invaders: bacteria, mold, parasites, fungus, yeast, virus, etc.
Therefore the bodies natural probiotics are destroyed by the antibiotic thus allowing the body to become susceptible to opportunistic invaders in the future. This is why when we take antibiotics they almost always cause another infection, and guess what? We again consult with our legal drug pusher they give another round of antibiotics and the game continues!
A question you should ask yourself is Are prescription drugs part of the solution or part of the problem? If you watch T.V the latest craze is the dairy industry capitalizing on probiotics. While it is true that yogurt has live cultures of friendly bacteria, you are also loading you precious body up on sugar, hormones, milk and don’t forget mucous! Remember dairy is for babies, and cows milk is for calves to grow up to weigh over a thousand pounds. I wonder if the dairy craze in America has anything to do with the obesity epidemic?
Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing and media. There are hundreds of companies out there preying on the misinformed. Each company giving you a song and dance why their supplements are better that the other guys. has done the due diligence to find out which supplement companies are the best. Included in my ultimate life changing program THE ANSWER lists the highest quality probiotics that are bioavailable, which means they get past the stomach acid into the colon and are available for the body to utilize.


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