How do I know if I am overtraining?

By Emily on Monday, March 25, 2013 3:00 AM

Are you training too much? Overtraining can actually be unhealthy. If you can say, “that’s me!” to any of the following, you are probably overtraining:

*Constant and chronic muscle soreness, injures, and joint pain.
*Constant and daily lack of energy.
*No enthusiasm at the gym.
*You have lost that “high” feeling after your workouts.
*Decreased appetite.


If this is you, then you need a break – and that’s an order! 

Remember that our bodies are vehicles that need regular maintenance in order to perform properly.  You would never let your car overheat and expect that it was not going to breakdown on the side of the road, right?

The best thing you can do is take a week off to let your body and your mind rest and repair itself.  If during your break, you stick to your clean eating [ $37  Eat Clean To Stay Lean Program ] meal plan, nothing will be lost. 

In order of importance, your body needs: Sleep, diet and exercise.  


Make sure that you get eight hours of sleep in each night. This is imperative for your body to be able to produce its natural HGH (human growth hormone), which keeps you looking young and full of energy.

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